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What are some symptoms of psychological problems that can benefit from therapy?
Some of the most common symptoms that people may experience include: depression, anxiety, grief/loss issues, low self-esteem, eating disorders, feelings of loneliness, emptiness, post traumatic stress, persistent thoughts, or behaviors, and problems within relationships.  When addressed in therapy, clients will find ways to alleviate their symptoms and become emotionally secure in their everyday lives.

How do I make an appointment?
Please call and leave a message in our new client mailbox. One of our therapists will return your call the same business day to schedule a time to meet with you.

Is a consultation session available?
Yes, consultation sessions are available upon request and may be conducted over the phone or in person. Please ask your therapist when scheduling your first session.

How long will I be in therapy
Since each person comes to therapy for different reasons, determining the length of treatment will depend on each client.  We are able to provide a wide range of therapy from brief treatment, usually no more than 6-8 sessions, to long term therapy, which can be one to two years.

Do I have to come to sessions weekly?
Most clients find that one hour each week scheduled for the same time and day works best. However, since therapy is tailored to the individual, couple or adolescent, we will make those decisions together in our initial session, and alter them as needed throughout the course of treatment.

What is your cancellation policy?
All clients are asked to provide at least a 24 hour notice if they need to cancel a session. Clients will be charged the full fee if 24 hour notice is not provided, except in cases of emergency.

What about confidentiality?
The client therapist relationship is protected by the laws of confidentiality.  We will never release verbal or written information regarding any client without the client's written permission. There are a few exceptions to this law including, child abuse, if the client becomes a danger to self or others, professional consultation, or state grievance board actions and in some cases, court orders.